Syed Ibrahim Mallick Biya

Malik, Malick, or Mallick are three possible spellings used for the same name.

Mallicks from Bihar, India, are descendents of Syed Ibrahim Malik Biya (RhA). Syed Ibrahim came to India during the time of Sultan Mohammad Tughluqh in 740 Hijri. (1339 A.D.). Syed Ibrahim's ancestors were native of Baghdad who migrated to Afghanistan and settled in the district of Budt Nagar, which was located in Ghazni.

He was a commander of the army of Sultan Tughluqh and raided on Bihar twice and Hazari Bagh once.

Syed Ibrahim received the title of Malik Biya form Sultan Tughluqh after several successful battles against tyrant Rajas of Bihar.

Syed Ibrahim was not only a brave and successful commander he was also a saint and kind person. He was martyred on Monday, 13th Zul-Hijjah, 753 Hijri (1351 A.D.)

Syed Ibrahim's Mazar (Tomb) is over a hill known as 'Peer Pahari' in Bihar Sharif, India.

Maliks are not only living in Bihar, India, they have spread all over the world including Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, and United States.

Syed Ibrahim was son of Syed Abu Bakr Ghaznavi who was son of Syed Abdul Qasim Abdullah, son of Syed Mohammad Farooq son of Abu Mansoor Abdus Salam, son of Syed Abdul Wahaab who was son of Syed Abdul Qadir Jelani (Rahmat-ul Allah Alehe Ajmaeen).

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